Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

Two weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I went to the play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. I am not very much into theater plays, I am more the music kind of person. And that show at the local theater proved it again. I was so confused and while I was sitting there I had already decided that I hated it. It was only after the play was finished that I realized what it was actually about.

“Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett

The play is about two guys, Vladimir and Estragon, who are waiting for a guy called Godot. It turns out that none of them know why they are actually waiting for him. Every day they return to this one specific tree and then they wait. They have been doing this over and over for years but Godot never showed up.

There are two other characters in the play, Pozzo and Lucky, whose role I cannot really describe. Their dialogues are filled with words without meaning and I just could not figure out what they wanted to tell me.

Our personal Godot

The six of us went out of the theater and most of us did not really comprehend what we just watched. The four actors yelled at each other and at us, spoke words that made zero sense at times and Godot never showed up. Some of us – including me – were quite unsatisfied. My friend and I even admitted that we were close to getting up and walking out of the theater.

BUT: In discussing the what I thought to be complete nonsense, we found some personal interpretations of the play. It made sense to me then. Vladimir and Estragon keep waiting for something that never comes. Godot never showed up, but the two guys still would come back the next day and wait for him again.

How often do we wait for something? For a phone call, for the next package in the mail, for our boss to give a pay raise and for happiness to finally find us?

Don’t keep waiting!

Truth is, we should not always keep “waiting for Godot”. Our very personal Godot, whatever that is. For a while, I was waiting for something to change, for somebody to make a plan for my near future. Looking back I can say I am glad I stopped waiting for Godot and made my very OWN decision.

If you are in a seemingly hopeless situation, I encourage you to not just wait for something to happen. Think about what you can do to change your situation. Talk to others about your feelings and listen to their ideas for change. And please remember that it’s not healthy to be stuck in a situation and just hope that something will change. YOU can make the change, don’t hesitate to find your happiness.

If you keep waiting for the moon to come back, you will never fully enjoy the sun. #quotebyme

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