Vitamin Power Drink

Vitamin Power Drink

It’s the season again, everybody seems to be sick. People around us are coughing, putting on big scarfs and trying to survive the flu season. I have something for you to fight this season: the (what I called) “Vitamin Power Drink” 🙂

What you need for the Vitamin Power Drink

  • 1 piece of ginger (about the size of your thumb)
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 liter of hot water

How to prepare it

Cut the ginger into slices and bring water to the boil. Then cook the ginger slices in the hot water for about 10 minutes.

Next, turn the water down to a simmer. Add the juice of one lemon to the ginger water and let it simmer for another 10 minutes.

Finally, add honey to the mixture. You can vary the amount of honey according to how sweat you want the tea. I always add a little bit of cinnamon to the mixture.

The Vitamin Power Drink’s benefits

Ginger is known to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Lemon helps reduce indigestion, that means to get your digestion back to normal.

Ginger and lemon help in improving concentration and cognition. In addition to that, you may experience an improved mood.

Some other benefits of the ginger lemon honey tea are skin care and hair care because of the high vitamin content and numerous antioxidants.

One of the most important benefits for drinking the tea during the cold season is that it boosts your immune system. I feel like I am living proof of that: I had a bad cold when I was in China last November. Then I made the Vitamin Power Drink every day for four days and the symptoms went away again.

(Some people are allergic to ginger or may experience heartburn or an upset stomach. In this case please don’t drink this beverage. I gathered the information about the drink’s benefits in this article.)

What is your favorite homemade healthy beverage? 🙂

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