Podcasts – A new source of knowledge

Podcasts – A new source of knowledge

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. SubtleInspiration is still alive, especially on Instagram. I started a little project for 2019 there using the hashtag #mydailygratitude which is kind of in line with a blog post I wrote before. Every day I share a picture and talk about what I am grateful for on that day. If you are interested check it out and join me 🙂 So what am I grateful for today? For podcasts as a new source of knowledge. Let me tell you more!

Stop watching, start listening

I just recently found podcasts to be a great source of knowledge for just about anything. A podcast is an audio file which you can listen to online or download onto your phone. It can last from 10 minutes to an hour or more. There are numerous apps, including the iTunes Podcasts App for iPhones and the App called Castbox which I use on my Android phone. The apps as well as the podcasts are free, so the only thing you need to invest here is your time.

So what kind of content is delivered via podcasts? Well, that’s not so easy to answer. It can really be anything. I have found podcasts about politics, news in general, medicine, crime and well-being, just to name a few.

According to amplifimedia there are 540.000 podcasts and every week 2.000 get added to that list. The article is from August 2018, which means that roughly 50.000 podcasts have been started since the article was published.

My favorite podcasts

I am still fairly new to the whole podcast scene so I am far away from being an expert about which podcasts are the best. The sheer quantity of podcasts also makes it impossible to find “the best podcasts”. Let me just introduce three podcasts I really enjoy listening to.

ZEIT WISSEN” (German, one episode every three weeks)

The episodes of the “ZEIT WISSEN” podcast are usually about 30 minutes long and pick up topics from the magazine of the same name. Very briefly you will get insights to the topics written about in the magazine. They give you an overview and if you want to learn more details you can go ahead and read the magazine. However, it’s not only a brain teaser. You don’t have to buy the magazine because you will have already gained many insights to the topic. For someone who does not read too much and usually forgets many interesting details again soon anyways (in short: for someone like me) this podcast is perfect!

Stuff You Should Know” (English, episodes are published almost daily)

The podcast “Stuff You Should Know”, or short: SYSK, is hosted by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark and picks up all kinds of topics, some of which I have never even heard of. In one episode you will learn about search and rescue dogs in the US, in the next you will get insights into the history of the brands adidas and Puma and the underlying family conflict. I really enjoy listening to Chuck and Josh because their content is well researched AND presented playfully.

Erklär mir die Welt” (German, one episode a week)

This is a podcast by a former colleague at university, Andreas. Andreas is a journalist, interested in reaching out to people in different ways and started his podcast “Erklär mir die Welt” in March 2018. In every episode he invites people to talk about fair fashion, YouTube, Islam, and other topics he finds relevant nowadays. Each episode is about 30 minutes long which makes them perfect for my walks to and from work.

Of course this little list is by no means complete. Do you sometimes listen to podcasts and do you have some recommendations for me?

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