New Job, New Challenges

New Job, New Challenges

Before I started my a new job, new challenges and moved to a new city, this is what I posted on Facebook on February 28. It was the last day of being unemployed. The last day of the kind of freedom I enjoyed so much. It was also the time for a new job, new challenges, new friends, and soon also a new apartment.

“Two months of ‘doing nothing’ are almost over. Being unemployed was never my plan, but being free to do whatever I love to do has been great. Picking up old hobbies like sewing and learning a new instrument and binge-watching TV series and getting on a train to go somewhere whenever I felt like it and teaching yoga to family and friends and and and. Tomorrow is the start of a new adventure and I am ready for the challenges ahead of me 🙂 “

New Job, New Challenges

On March 1 I started my new job as human resource development manager at Passau University. It is the university where I did my master’s degree. I am still trying to find my way around and trying to remember everybody’s names. In this job I will have even more responsibilities than in my old job.

Changes are difficult

Changing from doing whatever I wanted to getting up for work everyday was quite a challenge as such. Not because I did not want to go to work, but my body and mind had to adjust to the new schedule first. Plus staying up as late as a normal person still seems somewhat impossible right now. I usually fall asleep while watching TV, then get up and go to bed for about 7 to 8 hours. But maybe that’s just because I am looking forward to spring so badly so my body is going on strike…

Changes are also an opportunity

For me, starting the new job also meant new opportunities. I can connect with friends from my time as a student in Passau and I am meeting new people who I can connect with. I will build up strategic human resource management at university and in doing that I will be able to grow with this big task. I will play cello in the university’s orchestra again and start playing the clarinet together with a small group of friends. And I will, for the first time since becoming a certified yoga teacher, teach a class of about 20 to 25 yoga students twice a week. All of this will mean a lot of work, but I am positive that it will be worth it.

Dive right in!

To be honest, on February 28 when I did the Facebook posting I quoted in the beginning, I did not know whether I was ready for the changes ahead of me or not. But I guess you are never fully ready for big change. I was lucky to have a two months’ break, and I was also lucky to find a new job so quickly. Two weeks ago my life brought a new job, new challenges and with that new opportunities. I am grateful for that.

If you are facing changes and are not sure whether they are good or bad, don’t worry.
Dive right in and you will see.
The choices you make now should not be labeled right or wrong later.
They will be there to teach you either way.

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