Daily Dose of Gratitude

Daily Dose of Gratitude

Life is tricky sometimes. We get so involved in little not so happy moments – an argument with the noisy neighbor or the worries about the 2kg we still want to lose. So many times we get too caught up in those little things that we lose the big picture. Our days get filled with negativity and complaints. Instead, take a few minutes every day to get in your daily dose of gratitude.

What to be grateful for?

Depending on the phase of life we are going through, the things we are grateful constantly change. Life has its ups and downs, and yet there is always something good we should appreciate. Even if things don’t go as planned we can always learn from them.

Often it’s the simple things we take for granted that mean most to us at the end of the day. The late night calls with a friend, the chocolate after dinner, the little flowers on the side of the road, the person holding the door open for you when you carry too many grocery bags.

My Daily Dose of Gratitude

A few months ago I started something called the “Happiness Journal”. Every day I wrote three things down that made me happy during the day. The main reason for starting this kind of journal was that I was not happy. I was living in China and having a hard time at work. After some time I got rather sloppy at continuing the happiness journal. Several things in my life changed for the better and somehow I did not feel the need anymore to track my happy moments.

But something changed inside me. There are moments when I am filled with deep gratitude for things around me. Gratitude for…

  • nature // It is fascinating to see snowflakes swirling around and flowers blooming once the snow has melted away. Nature in Austria is so pure, it is amazing. The mountains, the lakes, the flowers in our garden.
  • water // Drinking water is something special, not something we should take for granted. So many people would give everything just for clean water.
  • my family and my boyfriend // Knowing that they are always there for me is so relieving. They are here to support me. The other day I talked to my grandparents and realized how generous they are. There is so much I can still learn from them.
  • this body // I am able to move around without any pain. I can run, move freely, and I can do yoga. I can make my body fit and healthy. A healthy body is really something we should not take for granted. It is said that “your body is your temple“. One of my main goals in life is to keep my body healthy. That means improving when it comes to eating healthy and hopefully staying fit until I am old.


If you find it hard to find something to be grateful for, remember the following four words. Joy, love and appreciation can be found and practiced in the little things. We don’t need much to be thankful and happy.

♥ Enjoy the little things ♥

One thought on “Daily Dose of Gratitude

  1. Grateful for this great post!
    I like the Happiness diary you mentioned, I did the same two years ago for a few months and now that I read your post I’m thinking about starting again =)

    I like to add the subject gratitude to my Yoga relaxation sometimes at the end of the class in Savasana “think of two or three things you are grateful for before you slowly move back into a comfortable sitting pose, it can be anything, from a good book to health or a chocolate ice cream…”

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