Yoga Teacher Training Course – 6 months later

Yoga Teacher Training Course – 6 months later

I was spending several months in the US in spring of 2017 when I decided to do a yoga teacher training course (YTTC) in India. After several weeks of research I found a yoga school in Rishikesh, India, that seemed to be suitable for my needs. It turned out that they could not offer the course as advertised on the website, so I had to find a new school pretty last minute while I was working in Suzhou

The Yoga School

A few hours of research later I applied for the 200 hours yoga teacher training course at Rishikesh Yogpeeth. I changed my flight schedule, arranged the visa for India and more or less patiently waited for July 22nd to come. It was the day of take off.

Rishikesh Yogpeeth a small school near the bridge Ram Jhula in Rishikesh, India, that cooperates with other schools. My sister is doing their training course right now, but at a different location. When I did the YTTC we were a rather big group of almost 50 students. We were divided into two groups for pranayama, asana and meditation class, the theory classes were held in the big group. The number sounds terrifying, 50 students in one class. In fact, it was great. So many nationalities and personalities mixed together in one space was an interesting and very teaching experience.

The Yoga Teacher Training Course

The 200 hours yoga teacher training course is usually four weeks long. Week 1 was all about the basics: Learning basic pranayama (breathing techniques) and asanas (postures). In anatomy class we learned about the human body and in philosophy class we dived into Indian history and the roots of yoga.

In weeks 2 and 3 all of this knowledge was deepened. We went into more detail, challenged our body and mind and grew so much. Both physically and mentally.

It did not take long and suddenly we were in the middle of week 4, our final week of YTTC. This week was mainly about preparing for the final practical assessment when we had to teach a class. Finally we could hand on the knowledge we acquired in the previous weeks to our fellow students. All of us succeeded and proudly received the certificate in the closing ceremony on the last Saturday of the course.

6 Months Later

I graduated from Rishikesh Yogpeeth in the middle of August 2017. It has already been half a year? Incredible.

In August I went back to China first. I went back to China with a very different feeling. India has changed me, my thoughts and my perception of the world, me and people around me. It was the time in India that made me realize that how things were going at that time were not right for me. It took some more months for me to really act upon that changed state of mind and make some changes to my life. I am grateful for my previous employer who enabled me to live in the US and China for 6 months each. However, I am also grateful to start a new job in Germany soon and to get back to routines I missed in the last 1,5 years.

Do I Teach Yoga?

YES! And I love it. Sometimes I focus more on sequencing of asanas, other classes are more about holding the postures (the main idea of Hatha Yoga). So far I mainly teach people I know and my class size varies. Once I start my new job at university I might have the opportunity to teach yoga to students and colleagues. I really hope this will work out 🙂

Final Thoughts on Yoga…

To be honest, when I was still in high school I did not think much about yoga. It seemed to be esoteric, boring and just not for me. As I got older I realized that yoga is so much more, and everyone can get something out of it. I am glad I gave yoga a second chance when I was a student at university. Being able to learn about yoga in India and giving some of this knowledge to others is so enriching.

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